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What is business (commercial) use?
- Any activity that a user or an organization does with POINTR in a professional context. For example, demonstration, evaluation, piloting, marketing, internal use within the company, external use across the respective business ecosystem. Also, the use of POINTR on industrial wearables and other professional devices is considered as business use.

What is private (non-commercial) use?
- Any activity that a user does with POINTR in a non-professional context. For example, helping your parents with TV settings.

Can I call external users who do not have a commercial subscription?
- Yes. Commercial subscriptions include unlimited communication with your entire business ecosystem, e.g. direct communication to external personnel such as customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers. In this situation, only one party needs to have a commercial subscription to communicate with external users. However, both parties need a commercial subscription to communicate within their respective organization.

When can I use POINTR without commercial subscription?
- Without a commercial subscription, POINTR can be used for:

> Communication with an organization that has a commercial subscription
> Private non-commercial non-professional purposes
> Private demonstration and evaluation

Are there monthly subscriptions?
- All subscriptions are annual.

How do I upgrade my current subscription?
- Contact to request upgrade. All unused payments from the existing subscriptions will be deducted from the costs of the upgraded subscription.

Will the subscription automatically renew?
- Yes. To avoid service interruptions, the annual subscription will automatically renew every 12 months from the purchase date.

What are the subscriptions terms and conditions?
- Delta Cygni Labs delivers POINTR in accordance to the General Terms

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